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Army DSM Precedence

Mike Page

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Did the Army DSM originally take precedence over the DSC? I've been reading a book about MacArthur and in at least two photographs, his DSM is ahead of his DSC on his ribbon bar. The two photos are from the 1925-28 time frame. Other photos however, before and after, show his DSC at the top.

I do know that originally the Navy DSM took precedence over the Navy Cross unless the NC was awarded for combat.

Maybe this is why the DSM was the medal for Certificate of Merit conversions...

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That they are, Ed! :cheers:

I could not find anything that states that the two medal's order of precedence was ever any different than it is today.

Here is the best article I can find on the DSC-


and the DSM-


They were both authorized on 02Jan1918. Perhaps General MacArthur's made a mistake. It is easy to see where the confusion could come into play.

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Thank you for the responses.

I'd imagine that since those awards were still fairly new, that it was possible to confuse the precedence. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the precedence was not formally established or widely known at the time.

I still can't figure out why the DSM would originally have been the medal for the Certificate of Merit conversion....

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