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Prussian Militar Ehrenzeichen 1st Klasse

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Hi Guys, I would value yours comments on this Prussian military honour award 1st class. It came from the dissolution of the famous Colonel Dodkin collection several years ago. I believe that fewer of these were awarded than the militar verdienskreuz (O/Rs PLM) This one looks to be slightly different in centre details . The actual cross is solid silver and has three different markings on the ring! One being Fr another maybe Z or N and the other not readable but maybe a silver purity mark. It looks to be manufactured from a smooth armed red eagle order 4th class which I suppose would make it an early piece? REO glatte arme 1854-1879 ,Militar Ehrenzeichen 1864-1918 . This came in a bag of mixed Prussian medals another of which was a Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen kreuz first type (1810-1820) yes, I could not believe it either.The lot went for almost nothing !!! Your comments are welcome.





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Hello Ferg1,

I am sorry to say that, to me, your cross just doesn?t look right. I think that your observation of it having been made from a second type (smooth armed) Red Eagle 4th class might be on the mark. Beyond that, the reverse center medallion looks very much like a silvered obverse medallion of the Prussian 1st class Landwehr decoration. The obverse medallion speaks for itself.

Here is an example which has two marks on the ring.

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