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The 135th German Infantry - group photo

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Hello Everyone,

I have purchased a pohoto postcard of a group of soldiers from the 135th German Infantry. I can't seem to find much information on the 135th except for a newspaper article dated August 30, 1914, which places them on the Western Front at that time.

If someone could please translate the sign in front of the soldiers in the photo I would greatly appreciate it.

The officer, or is he an NCO?, has been awarded the EKII.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Here's the newspaper article.



French Bayoneted Germans Whom They Accused of Treachery.

PARIS, Aug. 29. - Among the prisoners who have just died in a hospital at Troyes, Department of Aube, says the Petit Troyes, was a Lieutenant of the 135th German Infantry, whose company had sustained severe losses at the hands of the French troops and had been ordered to surrender. When the French soldiers approached to disarm the Germans the latter separated to let through their ranks machine guns which had been hidden behind, and which poured a murderous fire into the advancing Frenchmen.

Exasperated by this treachery, says the paper, the French troops charged furiously with fixed bayonets and exterminated the German soldiers with the exception of this Lieutenant, who survived for a few days with his jaw fractured and his tounge cut off.

The New York Times, Published: August 30, 1914

Has anyone heard of this incident or knows more about the 135th?



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Hi Brian,

here some informations about the 3. Lothringisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr.135:

(XVI. Armee-Korps, 33. Inft.-Division, 67. Infanterie-Brigade / Metz)

Die Schlachten und Gefechte des Regimentes:


Schlacht bei Longwy-Longuyon und am L'Othain-Abschnitt


Schlacht um die Maas?berg?nge


Schlacht bei Varennes - Montfaucon


Verfolgung westlich Verdun und durch die Argonnen


Nachtangriff bei Heipes


Schlacht bei Vaubecourt - Fleury


Schlacht bei Varennes


Kampf im Argonnerwalde


Schlacht bei Verdun. K?mpfe um Fleury


Stellungsk?mpfe vor Verdun


Kampf im Argonnerwalde


Stellungsk?mpfe an der Somme


Kampf im Argonnerwalde


Doppelschlacht Aisne - Champagne


Kampf im Argonnerwalde


Stellungsk?mpfe in der Champagne

Source: http://www.denkmalprojekt.org/2008/vl_ir_1...fiziere_wk1.htm

Best regards, :cheers:


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... hmm, I think the "sch" is for "-schaft" and not for "-schule" = Korporalschaft. ;)

the first letters I also can't read - maybe it is just a number???

Best regards, :beer:


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Most of the group pictures that are seen are a training class held in the depot system.

A German platoon was made 8 Gr?ppen each of eight to 10 men. A group of two Gr?ppen was known as a Korporalschaft. A Korporalschaft was led by an Unteroffiziere. Therefore, a platoon had four Korporalschafts. Once they were in a Kaserne, a group of recruits would live in a big room known as a Stube. Trainees were divided one Korporalschaft for each Stube. Many of those pictures show a Korporalschaft or a Stube.

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