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Two Oberleutnants and both nobles

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Here is a photo showing two Oberleutnants.

Both have the title "Graf"

Names are on the back.

Place was Mielau which is in Poland ( Mlawa ).

One is Oberlautnant Graf von Stelberg ( or Stolberg ), the other is Leutnant Graf von Merveldt ( ??? not sure about the name )

Anyone more info about them ?

Kind regards


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Count Stolberg was probably a reserve officer, since I find no young officer who was a regular. Their full family name was Graf zu Stolberg-Stolberg and a variety of THIRD names depending on which branch they were from! An Oberleutnant dR Ferdinand Graf zu Stolberg got the German Cross in Gold on 22.3.45 in 6./ Gren Rgt 1082.

Graf von Merveldt was probably the Leutnant 1.1.38 #918 in 7. (Radfahr)/Kav Rgt 11 in January 1939.

The driver is wearing a M1941 tunic, so this is early mid-war. Probably 1941/42, which would match up with Count Merveldt's promotion date after 3-4 years.

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