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A few more from my collection...

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Mr. G. Wright, Cape Mounted Rifles, South African Constabulary, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, c. 1900

Wright is pictured here probably while still a member of the Cape Mounted Rifles.

Wright had very extensive military career as outlined on the reverse of these two photographs by a F. R. Bree who was personally acquainted with Wright.

His campaign highlights included:

Mashonaland with the Cape Mounted Rifles

South Africa (Boer War) with the South African Constabulary

World War I (1914-18) with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force

According to F. R. Bell, Wright later lived in North Walsham, Norfolk and died sometime in the 1960's. Bell also mentioned having been given Wright's medal group by his widow. Unfortunately that medal group became separated from the photographs during the intervening years. That medal group would have been quite impressive.


Sergeant G. Wright, (seated, center) South African Constabulary is pictured here with two other unidentified sergeants of the Constabulary. Wright's four chevron stripes surmounted by a crown would seem to indicate that he held the rank of Troop Sergeant-Major if the Constabulary followed the ranking system used by the regular British cavalry at the time.


Mr. Bell's note of the reverse of the above photo.


This photograph shows an unidentified sergeant of the Royal Engineers who - based upon his head dress - seems to have been attached to an regiment of the Indian Army. Under magnification the R.E. badge is clearly visibly on his shoulder strap

The twio ribbons on his tunis look to be that for the India General Service Medal and possibly the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal.

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