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Hello Gentlemen,

Im looking for promotion dates and decorations recieved by these two pilots :

Adrian Philip Goldsmith , flew in 234,242 and 126 squadrons of RAF.

John Lloyd Waddy flew in 92, 250 and 260 squadrons of RAF

if possible, a list of victories of them, will be great too.

Thx in advance


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Hello Alexandre,

I found some information in the London Gazette. Both of these men served on RAF Squadrons, however they were not members of the RAF, but members of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). I did not find any promotion info in the LG for either man but did find their award citations:

LG 5 June 1942: Award of Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM).

Aus: 402500 Sergeant Adrian Phillip GOLDSMITH, Royal Australian Air Force, No. 126 Squadron. "This pilot has destroyed at least 5 enemy aircraft. On one occasion he dived through a strong enemy fighter screen to destroy a bomber. When engaged by the fighters he shot one of them down."

LG 3 July 1942: Award of Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) - rather long to type, here is the link to the LG page: http://tinyurl.com/6dpg2c

Goldsmith's service file is available for viewing at National Archives of Australia. Go to this link, http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/recordsearch.aspx then click on "Search Now-as a guest" and then enter his service number in the "Keyword" field. Sadly, his wife had been killed when the ship she was on was torpedoed in the Atlantic about one month before he was shot down and survived near Darwin, Australia (Spitfire BR526, 452 Squadron).

I found only one mention of Waddy in the LG; his file has not been scanned, so not viewable at NA Australia.

21 June 1946: Mentioned in Despatches Aus. 402685 Squadron Leader John Lloyd Waddy.

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