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Silesian Eagle Wanna-be

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What does the back look like?

These have been... around for a long long time, but not in the numbers that quote unquote fakes would make any financial sense.

I suspect some sort of interwars patriotic badges or maybe post WW2 "exile" organization's badge. The pin set up might help date these.

I've never seen one in the flesh, and from the relative scarcity of them, I think not "bad," just "unknown."

Certainly NOT the 1919-21 Silesian Eagle AWARDS... but exactly WHAT they are... ????????

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here you go

the hinge pin is rusting out, catch is on a base plate, no maker mark. looks 20/30s.

if anything it may have something to do with the polish front of 1919, imo. kinda like those o slask (sic) badges perhaps?

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This is a messed with 1921 Polish Silesian eagle-note the crown, the head facing the other way etc. etc..

Created in 1921 through the GKPGS (The Central Committee for the Liberation of Silesia) in Warsaw, the lower scroll should be "O Slask".

During the Nazi occupation people wearing these were not treated nicely, as the Silesian "troubles"of 1918-1920 had been marked by some very nasty Polish "ethnic cleansing". The Nazis did not have to exaggerate much about what happened and took a cruel and viscous revenge where they could. The Gestapo actually hunted down members of the GKPGS.

These have been around since the late 1970s that I am aware of and I suspect some wag in the UK either made these or messed with some "originals" that were made in exile. In the old days there weren't many Polish collectors, but there were lots of TR collectors and that's where the money was.

Measurements are 50x 31 mm. Originals are rather rare but there was one on eBay last month for a scant $400, which isn't far off what an original would be worth I reckon. The white eagle is the most common of Polish Silesian awards. It may also have been recognized by the Peoples' Republic of Poland.

I doubt however, this is an original. But I know the people to ask....so does Rick! :rolleyes:

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the white eagle is a copy of the polish silesian eagle. The original only exist with the original "O Slask"(it doesnt mean exactly "for silesia" like the german "f?r schlesien") slogan and a screwing disk on the back, like nearly all polish medals. The typical german needle system and the "f?r schlesien" slogan where both added in this connection to let it be more interesting for collectors.

Greetings from Germany

here is an original polish silesian eagle (sadly not from my colelction)

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