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Bulgarian land

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Well I will soon be the owner of about a quarter of herctar for Bulgarian land. How so you may ask?

Here is the story my kids befreinded the son and daughter of a Bulgarian family that had moved here about 5 years ago. We started to become freinds and would spend time on New Years and Thanksgiving every year. The father was an artillary officier in the Bulgarian army during the 80's and I would often talk militaria with him over a few bootles of good wine.

Once his father died he needed to return home and help settle the affairs with his brother who is still a policeman in Bulgaria. IT was a long haul they told me since the communist had build a sportplex there they needed to find a deed which was about 250 years and have three village elders vouch for the fact that the land did belong to the family. Now it is being surveyed and he has decided to give me my own little plot of land down by a river about one quarter of a hectar. He really wants me to come back with him to Bulgaria and have a good time.

I have to meet with the Bulgarian ambassador here in Vancouver Canada as he comes over here about twice a year and do some more paper work with him.

He also brought me goodies, a nice bayonet with scabard for and AK47, Bulgarian police baseball cap, Bulgarian national flag, a 7 oz flask with CCCP and Russian seal on it (filled with slivovitz :beer: ), and a traditional handbag for my wife. I will post pictures later as I am bushed now.

looks like I will be making a trip there within the year and will stock up on some militaria while I am there.


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Man I wish I could remember exactly. I dipped into the slivovitz a little last night :cheers: . I will get the exact name soon and post here if memory servers me right I believe it is a couple of hours outside Sophia.


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