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2 X 25 Years Anniversary medals

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Hi all, Theese two medals are instituted the same year and they are very similar

they even have the same ribbon :lol:

But they are two different medals even if they share the Anniversary

First out : Medal for 25 Anniversary of Bulgarians Peoples Army

instituted July 1968 awarded to military personal with at least 10 years of service or civilaian in the Armed forces with at least 15 years of service

also awrded to foreigners.

Designed by ? Of course the one and only Raycho Peev (who designed most of Bulgarias medals and orders during this time.)


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And now the Twin (almost)

Notice almost the saame design and the same ribbon but this is for 25th Anniversary of the Construction troops

Both Military and civilian personal had to have at least 10 years of service to get this medal.

Front, compare with the earlier one and you see how similar they are.


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