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I got one interesting ribbon bar today but I am so confused.

First at all.... there is no metal frame inside. Regarding the picture, when I bought it, its looked fine, just its ooked like all the pin-catch system missing on the back.

Anyway, its look like there haven't been any even. Maybe stiched on the uniform? Same time "black light" test was fine. Also it's certainly look like period one. Did they make something like that for Navy???

Also as you can see, there was before ( :banger::banger::banger: ) some devices for first three ribbons!!! What there was???? :catjava:

I am so confused and I am don't know what to do with this bar... add to my small collection or not???

So, main question first at all... is it look like original or not? HELP please, its something totally new for me.


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There were always "British style" sew on ribbon bars. For the First war, most often on cavalry uniforms.

I see no trace of any devices, so they have been gone for a very very long time.

Must be Xs on the Bavarian ribbon, and I suppose there might have been one of those dumb Saxon-style miniature EKs on theat ribbon. Can't imagine what was on the Hessian Bravery Medal ribbon.

That's probably an SMK in last place, because an officer would be more likely to have awards from 4 states than an enlisted man.

It looks like the ribbon bar was once GLUED on something by some previous collector, but it would have been sewn onto a tunic originally..

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Thanks Rick,

This style of ribbon bar is something new for me!

So, I can presume that its war period cavalry ribbon bar? :rolleyes: Very nice! I can add more pictures in the coming days but the last ribbon is definately Honor Cross for Merit in War, not medal (just checked it again).

Can't imagine what was on the Hessian Bravery Medal ribbon.

Sorry again, I arrived back in home from pub late and the daylight was almost gone when i took the picture. To me, when i look it, it looks like ROA or PrAE.

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that is a typical faded away Hessian Bravery Medal.

I tried to check the color on the back... not sure. Looks very very white to me. Maybe ribbon bar was on wash with the tunic?? But what devise then?? Something unofficial.... swords???

Anyway, if its look fine, I mean original, I am happy, because its not very common combination (at least for me!)! :cheers:

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