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Africa General Service Medal 1902 - 1956

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Gentleman just found this site, very informative;

My Question - was service in Kenya Police Reserve during 'Emergency' (in my Dad's case 1954/55) eligible for the Africa GSM;

If so what criteria applied, and how does one register a claim (sadly Dad passed on in 2001);

PZULBA - Out of Africa

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If I am reading Gordon's "British Battles and Medals" correctly, yes IF

1) 91 or more days of active duty and

2) specifically (only?) in "Central or Southern Province of Kenya, in the Naivasha, Nakuru, or Laikipia Districts of the Rift Valley Province or the Nairobi extra-provincial District."

Overcoming the documentation problems for that, I don't know (on the wrong side of The Pond) if H.M.G. even DOES still issue medals like this.

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