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Documents a gogo 2!


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OK, let me start this. While I was hoping for more details and translations, it is Nadaam in Mongolia now (and everyone is quite drunk -- or watching sports -- or something). I reserve the right to come back and edit, extensively, as I know more (though I welcome any and all commentary ad interim).

Document 1

The ugly outside.

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Fascinating Ed... must have been some trip!

Tip of the metaphorical iceberg, but they don't have those in Mongolia, but, then, in the winter, all is an iceberg, . . . .

Don't encourage me, Rick, I might post more.

Post-holidays, translations and context anticipated!

Bichig is a, well, no pun intended.

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As Mongolia and the PRC were still friends at the time, sort of, such a performance might take place and an invitation might be issued. Though there were (and are) hard feelings about this complex "Inner Mongolia" business.


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Oooh, lovely docs Ed, thanks for posting.

It's amazing how many different documents they have in Mongolia.

Makes you wonder how many we haven't seen yet?

Let me dig out some of my previously unposted ones, just to keep this great thread moving.

Best regards


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