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Reduction size of the Centenarmedaille

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I don?t want to hijack Wild Cards Label-thread, so I answer RaZpuTiN?question here:

reduction size: 29,3 mm; weight: 12,7 g

original size: 40,0 mm; weight 33,4 g

The ring of the reduction is marked SILBER. But neither the ring, nor the medal looks like silver gilded :unsure:

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Hello everyone:

The ?se on these "reductions" was struck from the same piece of stock as the planchet, a hole was drilled in the tab to make the "eyelet", and it was then twisted 90 degrees to give it the proper configuration for the addition of the ribbon ring.

The first "reduction" piece shown is undoubtedly bronze or gilded-bronze, but has had a silver ribbon ring added at a later date.

I believe that these pieces were probably popular for 1870-71 campaign medal recipients as replacements to be used on their large medal bars. All of the medals would then be the same size and hang at the same level.

Best regards,


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