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For review: Flak Badge by Friedrich Linden - L?denscheid.

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There has been a lot of discussion about whether ?FLL? produced Flak badges only in zinc, or did they also produce early pieces in either nickel silver, plated tombak/buntmetal as per other makers?

Having searched every source to see if there has been any comparison work done on the very few buntmetal examples that have turned up over the years, I could only find scepticism.

So, dust off your wallets (billfolds)?there is another flak to look out for!

I present the superbly detailed ?Friedrich Linden? Flak badge in nickel plated tombak/buntmetal.

Having only just received this piece, I?ve taken some obverse/reverse shots and done a comparison using Eric?s (hope you don?t mind E? yours is less worn than mine) zinc example. A careful study shows that the two badges are from the same dies and are an exact match, except for the shape of the hole at the gun base, something that must have changed during the production process.


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I don't mind at all Johann ;) Yes, this does seem to be a hot topic as of late. I am one of those who view this with some skepticism. I guess my main reason is that I personally have seen absolutely none of these "over the years", but just since the beginning of this year. I do admit that I cannot find much fault with these from their zinc counterparts, besides the obvious hole shape difference and the catch being a little different from other buntmetall badges by FLL. If it had the 'normal' catch such as those found on FLLs' other bunt offerings (upside down question mark), I would be much more comfortable with it. Again, I'm not one to outright "poo poo" this because of a mishapen hole or variant catch, just overly cautious I guess to give it a straight "thumbs up" when I'm not that familiar with it, especially when we're seeing better and better repros coming out on a daily basis. You know me John, I trust your impeccable judgement, have no doubt. I guess I would just like to see one or more of them come from an unquestionable source before I put both feet in. Can you give me a weight and measurements of your new example? How do the measurements compare to the zinc one in your possession? Thanks J!


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Hi Eric

Thank you for your comments?..I know exactly what you?re saying.

I was hoping someone would ask.

Having done the measurements (somewhat difficult getting the measurement in the same place on two badges.. even using a digital calliper) they come out well within accepted tolerances.


Weight: 35.8g

Wreath height 57.27mm

Wreath width. 44.70mm

Eagle wingtip to w-tip 39.95mm

Swastika width 9.91mm


Weight: 30.5g

Wreath height 57.21mm

Wreath width. 44.65mm

Eagle wingtip to w-tip 39.90mm

Swastika width 9.88mm

The block hinges are a match as are the catches, and even the pin's gauge comes out at 1.44mm on both bagdes.

The badge shows clearly defined shear marks and has the characteristic FLL problem of fractures associated with the die strike process.

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Wow J, those measurements are completely within tolerance IMO! Your superb shots of the shearing and fractures on the gun and eagle only strengthen your case. Still, I would like to see one from a unquestionable source (group, etc.) for me to be absolutely 100% with them. Overly anal? Yeah, that's me, the likes of the HERO and others made me this way, but I have to admit, I'm starting to come over to the "Dark Side" :ninja: ! Thanks for posting the closeups John. Hmmmm........ :Cat-Scratch:


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I don't collect these, so I have no dog in the fight. But do I see a distinct difference in the eagle's eye? On the zinc it appears complete, but stops at the brow on the buntmetal.

It may appear that way but the differences in detail between nickel silver (solid or plated) and zinc badges are huge, the nickel silver always being the more highly detailed. This combined with wear can change a badge?s appearance quite considerably.

Being unable to blow up Eric?s badge to any degree of clarity, I?ve done a comparison with another zinc example I have on file. I think you?ll agree?an exact match.


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