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Mh, here's actually all said, isn't it? The first one is very nice, especially single-mounted, but the price is - at least for US buyers - way too high, I'd say. Those are not common but with ~3,000 awards...

A "F" device has nox been shown, so I don't need to show mine. I've been thinking about buying Schulze's group too, but again it's a bit too expensive for me and my wallet, prefer at the moment buying in the US...


I got this one on eBay.de some weeks ago, think price was about 150,- Euro. Not nice but rar, altered by the wearer twice, presumably in 1935/35 for the Honour Cross and in 1936 for adding his second "Wehrmacht" long service award he used to put into the drawer when he was awarded the XXV:

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His matching, home-made ribbon bar, unfortunally* without the device that wasn't introduced until 1917, so it may be an earlier one or he just didn't bother. Only one long service award here, but no chance to say whether the XV or the XXV, as I don't know when the bar was made.

*or fortunally: if it had the device, the auction wouldn't have closed at 1,50 Euro... :speechless:

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