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1948 Soviet Army Officer ID

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Hi all,

I've had a request to do this and some of my other new documents in seperate threads by themselves. So here we go.

First off, the pics are from Vitaly Kudinov (Okudinova on Ebay) and used with his kind permission. :jumping:

1948 Soviet Army ID document to issued to Sergeant Shatilov Pavel Emelianovich on March 15, 1948. Best part is it lists his awards as: Combat Service medal # 1,941,100 on April 19, 1944 and Order of Red Star # 1,850,009 on April 4, 1945. So hoping I'll be able to get him researched and find out more about him and his awards. And having his pic where he's actually wearing one of his awards is a definite bonus in my eyes! Just wish I had the awards to go with it. Perhaps they'll turn up some day. But hoping at the very least there will be an interesting story behind it all.

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Congratulations on the booklet. It is a great find. Each one a story in itself. It is also very nice to have an origional photo attached. Yours of course showing

one of his awards.

Many thanks! :beer: Sorry it took me a few days to reply. Just been a bit on the busy side with work but trying to play catch up this evening.

One of my dreams has been to be able to research some of my Soviet awards and to be able to find out that at least one comes back with a photo(s) with the recipient actually wearing the awards. To me, it's the greatest personal connection.

Here's hoping... some day... :jumping::jumping:

Dan :cheers:

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