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Help identifying regiment?

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My Grandfather died in 1944 and I am trying to investigate his military career. Can anybody tell me whether this group of soldiers are Infantry or Artillery? The reason I ask is that my grandfather was transfered to the KOYLI from the artillery only 4 months before he died, if these fellas are KOYLI then it is likely he died whilst fighting alongside them.

It looks like this maybe his squad , I can see the Sergeant but not a Lance/corporal.

What does anybody else think, is my hunch right that this is an infantry squad?

Any help appreciated!

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Hard to see much of the cap badges, but LI regiments have the distinctive horn and the KOYLI the 'French' Horn and White Rose which is, i think smaller than the badges they are wearing.

Regards Eddie

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Just found this picture, the lance corp Perce identified appears to be wearing a art cap badge!!

It could be that the same squad was transfered to the KOYLI but It doesn't seem likely, I now think the original picture was his artillery squad prior to him joining the KOYLI, I'm a bit disapointed but I do have some other photos to anaylse!

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Your Grandfathers service records will still exist and if you contact the MOD at the following link they will provide copies for you. Sadly it isn't free and you do have to prove you're a blood relative before they do the search and it can take sometime. Worth giving it a try though, as unlike WWI service records they seem to remain intact.


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