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9 hours ago, Bayern said:

Kriegsmarine I suppose .but why the lace on the shoulder boards is blue and the SBs itself are gold?

Probably an optical illusion. As the SB are a lot lighter than his shirt I chose to make them reddish tan as seen on some SB.




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Hi Larry, bit late, but nice images as usual!

With the upcoming centenary anniversary of the end of WWI, I decided to trawl through some of my long forgotten efforts and pay my own tribute, I normally go for the bigwigs with fancy uniforms, lots of bullion and medals, (I like the challenge), however, I do have some of the "Ordinary" guys that faced the muck and bullets, These are a random selection that I can find on file, and not any preference. I've had these on file for many years and unfortunately no longer recall the sources.



frame master longer triple copyb1500.JPG

frame master longer triple copy2.JPG

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