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Help with flag

Jim P

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I am going to an auction Saturday and among the few military items there is this flag. I have always wanted one,but know little about how to tell real from fake or what it may be worth. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the only picture available:

Here are the only other Japanese items,one is listed as a Kamikaze headband. Any ideas?


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It is difficult to comment on the flag since the photo is not of sufficient quality to see the characters clearly. Regarding the other two items, neither have anything to do with the military at all, never mind Kamikazes ! The square red item is a civil item and the character is to do with good fortune. The headband has the name of a town written on it. These two items are pretty much worthless so if the flag is from the same source I would exercise caution since even if they are acting with the best will in the world they do not know what they are talking about.



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