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first medal state Israel 1920 !?! Sir Herbert Samuel

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Interesting. Obviously not Israeli, but a Jewish Palestinian curiosity.

Zooming up to 400% window size, I can almost see the image. I'd be reasonabl;y certain this is in no sense an official issue by the High Commission as, in the 1920s, the British tried (and untimately failed) to maintain balance in their policies in Palestine.

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But Samuel was in Palestin from 1920 to 1925. And the medals is not also in arabic.

Only in english and hebraic.

So, that still does not make it an official medal from a stat that did not exist at the time.

I believe that this is simply some sort of souvenir medallet.


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But for what a tourist or other people like to buy this medal in this time?

Other younger collector will finde a answher in later time.

I suspect Zionist settlers in Palestine would have bought these quite happily.

And, yes, now that it has been documented (though it needs to be published with good illustrations) there is some hope that someday we may know more. Though unofficial awards are always hard to establish, as there are rarely records.

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In my collection is a nice medal. Silverplated. Made in 1920. Please look the pictures.

Samuel was an ardent Zionist and one of the supporters of the Balfour Declaration as well as the first commissioner of the mandated territory of Palestine. I do not neccessarily think that it was produced in Israel but in Europe for purchase among the diaspora. Seeing in the appointment of Samuel the possibility of the eventual creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.


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