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Medaille d'honeur - Ville de Bressuire


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Hello gents

Is there someone who can give me an explanation concerning that medal?

Is this medal awarded with a document? For which reason was this medal awarded? Period?

How much is its value?

Thank you for your help!

KDVR :jumping:

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Bressuire is a small town in a quiet rural area of Western France. In the '30s it counted slightly less than 10.000 inhabitants.

Such medals were local tokens of appreciation, available for special events. A diploma may have been also given. In most cases, the Town Council would decide who they would be bestowed upon, and for what reason.

They were quite frequent between 1880 and 1940, possibly later. They naturally appeal to collectors who concentrate on local history and who would, I expect, spend a few Euros to buy one.



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