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The person who sold me these photos claims that this is the "Komandeur W?rzburg Regiment". Has anyone here got any info that could help me check this out and hopefully put a name to the face. Thanks.

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Well, he's a Hauptmann dR or dL so hardly a regimental commander.

He had been a career NCO in the First War-- and a relatively lowly one with a BMVK3XmKr indicating he was no more than an Unteroffizier or Sergeant. The NAUGHTY NAUGHTY :shame: man is wearing no less than THREE Bavarian Army long service awards (which seem to be an IX, then an XV, and then an XII :banger: ) before his Third Reich 25 Years Treudienstkreuz in last place. He could, theoretically, be wearing TWO if actually entitled to a regular AND Reserve/Landwehr long service award... but it looks to me like he's slapped on all THREE regular army awards squeeeeeeeezed onto one ribbon (!!!!! :speechless: ) when he should only be wearing the XV.

1) 1914 EK2

2) BMVK3XmKr

3) Hundenburg X

4) Bavarian 1911 Army Jubilee Medal

5) "Christmas 1918" medal given to Bavarian royalists in the 1920s

6-6-6) THREE Bavarian long services off ONE ribbon (must have jammed in extra hooks, duhhhhh)

7) 1938 Treudienst 25

He's neither an Imperial nor Wehrmacht career regular, so out of luck on a name.

Great photos of a VERY badly non-regulation awards padder!!!

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