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Annaberg Cross Stickpin

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Here is a rare one - the 2nd class Annaberg Cross stickpin for civilian wear. The medal was created in 1930 and issued to individuals who participated in the battle of the Annaberg in May of 1921 (Thanks to Verkuilen Ager's reference on Freikorps medals for the creation date). Thought you guys would like to see it!


Bds Bill

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I bought both the medal and the miniature many years ago from sources in the USA. I don't know how many were issued, and the reference book does not have that information. You are correct, they are quite rare. Unfortunately, I am having to sell my Freikorps collection and the set is posted for sale on the Military Collector's forum and Wehrmacht Awards. I am still a probationary member here and cannot use the "For Sale" forum yet. Thanks for the note!

Beste Gr??e,

Bds Bill

Bill Bradley

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Hello, Gentlemen.

I'm a new member, and wanted to let you know that I also own a Weimar "Annaberg" medal in good condition.  It has a lapel pin mount instead of a long stickpin as shown on the former picture. I can attempt to take a picture of it if it would be of interest.  I don't know its value either.  

I'm a U.S. Army veteran of the Airborne Artillery, Cold War Germany-1962-65.

I hope to look in on your forums and participate when I can.

Bill, Fort Worth, TX  

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