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Major Vasily Ivanovich Andreev

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Bits and pieces of his group have been posted here, but as they now live with me, I have the DUTY to post his group coherently.

It may take me a while to sort things out and get them posted.

First, his medals (sorry, they really didn't fit on the scanner bed, but I MADE them fit, sort of).

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:Cat-Scratch: Ahhhhhhnald! Now the Gubernator of Kali-forniya! :speechless1:

Orders Book bears the stamp of "Administration of Command of Battle Tank and Mechanized Forces of the Group of the Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany." :beer:

His later photo shows him in military railways uniform, with Honored Railway Employee badge.

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As most of this bundle is in untranslated Russian (sorry, Rick), let me just add the translations :jumping: of two items that give some context for this group.

I still need to sort xeroxes and award cards (a 5-inch stack).

Translation 1--

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An interesting aside about this group is that it was almost an incomplete group... I originally received the group without the For Valor medal, as the family couldn't find it. It took nearly two years before they found it and it made it's way to me...what a difference it makes when you keep pursuing it!


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Recognized the face-- thought he'd already been done. :blush: DO feel free to contribute, comraids. :rolleyes:

Honored Railway Baddge 8596 of 7.5.40 as Commander of Heavy Substation St. Kizel Perm Railway BUT from his rank and uniform, the photo dates 1950+ -- see below


Vasily Ivanovich Andreev

born 1911 city of Chusovoi, Molotovskoi Oblast

Mmber CPSU 1931, elementary education, Russian.

Army 1932-33 and since 1941.

Decorated as commander of a rifles battalion in the 54th Army, Leningrad Front and as Deputy Battalion Commander for Political Matters (Commissar) in 8th Guards Army

Now (9.4.46) Deputy Commissar in the 120th Mobile Tank Assembly-Repair Factory (!)

Living at Apt. 36, House 2.10 Yebissona Ulitsa, Leningrad

Valor Medal 2,560,303 per 54th Army decree of 31.3.42 (from the number, this obviously did not get to him before circa May 1945)

MMM 631,698 per 14.12.43 decree of 8th Guards Army

ORS 947,838 per decree of 8th Guards Army 18.8.44

OPW 2nd 316,040 per same 21.3.45

Medals for liberation of Warsaw, Capture of Berlin, Victory Over Germany

Signed off by Factory CO Lt Col Akutnikov

Service record =

Birth day 21 January 1911. No foreign languages. CPSU member # 1,767,701. Finished 7th grade education in 1927. Took a refresher course for military commissars in 1953.

Junior Politruk 23.12.41 per 54th Army

Politruk 22.2.42 same

Senior Politruk 18.6.42 per Volkhov Front

Captain (same thing--title changed) 4.12.42 per Southwest Front

Major 25.4.44 per 3rd Ukrainian Front

Lieutenant Colonel 5.11.50 per "ZhDV" which will probably be undertsandable when I get to that page

Served during the war

15.8.41-11.4.42 Leningrad Front (severely wounded that day)

24.12.42-5.8.43 on Southwest Front

5.8.43-9.5.45 on 1st White Russian and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts

awards added--

1948 Armed Forces Jubilee and 2nd MMM unnumbered 30.4.54

Wife Yekaterina Aleksandrovna Andreeva born 1912 and children sons: Aleksandr 1934, Vladimir 1935, Georgy 1936, and daughter Anto(nine?) 1941

Big giant white SPLOT next to stamp sized photo on extremely/excessively detaailed "wher and when called up" top of second side. Shall omt that entirely as all entries partially obliterated.

Cadet at 3rd Military Aviation School "in the name of K. Ye. Voroshilov" Baltic Military District 5.5.32

to be continued... (do, please anybody. I hate to be the Automatic Translator :rolleyes: )

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