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Buxom Canadian Beauty or Some Such Kilt Appurtenance?

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This Mystery Object came by to be Epsonized today.

Despite the shield for Ontario in the middle, it was in a haul of Rhineland Karneval items scarfed up by an American G.I. over there in the spring of 1945. One wonders what story it could tell...

Size is 2 1/8 inches high by 2 3/4 inches wide-- making it a HONKING great slab of costume jewelry, if that is what it is. Imagine the bosom on which it was proportionate...

OR is it some sort of fixture for Local Pride sort of Highland attire?

The front is gorgeous-- superb enamel work with a subtlety to the ring that cannot be seen here... but the back side is absolute Soviet-style CRAP, with NO effort taken with it. Which again makes me wonder if it is NOT "jewelry" but some form of "issue kit" for a volunteer Highland unit's dress. It has not been repaired. It was MADE this way.

I can't imagine a woman being pleased with a backside like this. :rolleyes:

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I've seen bigger kilt pins

Just plain odd to be found in war torn Germany

What it looks like to me is two pieces made into one. The circular dingus with

nothing in the center is a plain but nice bit of costume jewelry. Someone comes

by with a spare Ontario coat of arms, gets it welded (messily) and now you have

one where there once was two :rolleyes: The differences between the quality

make me think this

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A souvenir or patriotic type badge which found its way to Germany via a WWI Canadian squaddie?

I've seen or got a few gilt & enamelled sweetheart brooches which have been soldered, would this be to do with the component parts being enamelled prior to being stuck together in whatever variation & soldering being the method least likely to damage them in the process?

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