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Hi ,

This cutie arrived today , in it,s green case -

10 years service in the NVA doesn't look like it,s been out of the case the ribbon is mint .

I,ve checked it out in the Bartel Catalogue and if i have it right it is the = e) Silber 900 , Punze form ( 1964 - 66 )

Is this right ?

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Hi Grant,

Rick: "That is a remarkably nice case!"

It could be, that the case does not belong to this NVA decoration.

It is typically for MdI decorations, e.g. "F?r vorbildlichen Grenzdienst".

You can find these old cases with press button in green, red, brown, blue, black, dark blue, in different design, with different inlay.

My NVA/MfS cases (this type) are in brown, black and dark blue.



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  • 5 months later...

So the case should be for a border guard medal ?

Hi Grant,

I believe that's what Uwe meant on the case. It's sure a nice one. Please keep me in mind if you ever want to part with it. :jumping:

Hope you don't mind... but figured I'd pop a few over here. First a full set:

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And my two latest additions... one in hand and one just won and will be about a couple of weeks or so.

5 Year Faithful Service medal in the NVA Type 1 - (1956-59) Bronze, with serial number on reverse. DDR flag on the obverse without the State Seal.

10 Year Faithful Service medal in the NVA Type 3 - (1962-63) Silver "900" content stamp on reverse above the intersection of the crossed laurel branches.

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You lucky dog ! :speechless1:

Hey, you'll get there... just keep on truckin'! :jumping: And remember, you've got some pieces I'd love to have (drool, drool... heavy on the drool!). :jumping::love::love: You really do tend to have the golden touch when it comes to this stuff. :cool:

Mucho thanks! :beer:

Dan :cheers:

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I picked these up at a flea market during a Christmas 2008 trip to Berlin; nothing special, but for the cost of a couple beers, somethng interesting for me since I actually got them in Berlin.

A few years ago (2005 I think) I picked up a "5 Years" including the box as another flea market purchase in Berlin; however, that one is back in the US - so I can't include a photo.

Thanks to this thread I am able to identify the "15 Years" as a Type 8 - (1986-90) and the "10 Years" as a Type 10 - (1986-90). I didn't realize before reading this thread that there even were type/production year differences. :cheers:

Also after I took the photo I noticed that the NVA medal ribbons overlaps to the right, but the ZV medal's ribbon overlaps to the left. After checking out a few other internet pics, all the NVA medals overlap to the right; but I've seen ZV medals overlap both left and right.

Interestingly, the ZV medal posted by Ed Haynes in the Zivilverteidigung thread in this same forum has the ribbon going to the left; however, on the accompanying award document, the medal's illustration goes to the right. :unsure:

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