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Identification of Awards

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Hello Gentlemen,

This picture below shows Jakob Sprenger, Gauleiter of Hessen-Nassau.

Im trying to identificate the medals:

Anyone can help me ?

picture from www.calvin.edu

1 - 1914 EKII

2 - ??

3 - Maybe a Bavarian Order of Merit ??

4 - Ehrenkreuz f?r Frontk?mpfer

5 - ??

Thx in advance


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2) Bavarian Gold Bravery Medal--Bavaria's highest decoration for enlisted men-- for action as a Vizefeldwebel der Landwehr/Offizierstellvertreter in 10./K.B. Inf Rgt 18 on 9 November 1914. Leading a small patrol at St. Eloi, he circled around behind the enemy's first line of trenches and captured them. He then took his small squad into the enemy headquarters building, capturing that, and followed up by sneaking behind the second line of defense and captured that as well.

The only thing I can compare this to is American Corporal Alvin York's success (for which he received the Congressional Medal of Honor) in 1918.

3) Yes. BMV4X

5) Bavarian Reserve-Landwehr Decoration 2nd Class ("BLD2")

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