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A Weasel in Canada

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Hello Everyone,

What to do on your vacation? Go to a Military Muesem...what else?

While at the Canadian Military Heritage Museum in Brantford Ontario today I snapped photos of some of their displays. I can see now that I need a better camera as the flash is not strong enough for anything that is too large or too far away, especially in poor indoor lighting. There were several full sized WW I planes suspended from the ceiling that I could not capture on "film" due to the small flash. Since the museum is only a few miles away I will return when I have a better camera.

These are some photos of the Studebaker M29C Weasel that they have on display. I photographed the sign but it was too small to read in a post so here is a short history.

On D-day the M29 Weasel was the first vehicle to land on Omaha beach, Normandy, only 30 minutes after the invasion began. These vehicles started into production in 1942 and continued to be manufactured until the end of WW II. After WW II the vehicle saw service in Korea and in the French Army as the "Le Crabee". The photo shows the M29C. These vehicles were designed for light airborne, patrol and amphibian roles (after some modifications).

Here's some specs.

Engine: Studebaker 6-170 Champion, water cooled, gas, 6 cylinder, 65hp/3600rpm.

Transmission: 3 speed gear box plus a secondary 2 speed reducing gear box.

Length: 320.04 cm Width: 167.64 cm Height: 180.34 cm

Weight: 1,800 Kg Service Weight: 2,584 Kg Crew: 4

Driving: rear half-axle braking, mechanical wet brakes

Max. Speed: 58 Km/hr Fuel Capacity: 132 L (35 gal.)

As you can see the one in the museum is ready for winter use.

I hope you like this cool weasel.

Cheers :cheers:


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