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Military Cross

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Hello Everyone,

While at the Canadian Military Heritage Museum in Brantford, Ontario I took a photo of a Military Cross they have on display. They have several groups of medals there but because they are in wall mounted displays that are not very deep photography is very difficult as the flash obscures the medals. The MC was in a deeper case so placing the camera against the glass I was able to capture the image while avoiding the flash.

The MC was awarded to Lieutenant Harold Brant Preston, the action he was involved in is covered on the display sign that I have included with the post. I have done some further research on Lieutenant Preston that was not covered by the Museum which I will share with the membership.

His Officer's Declaration Paper shows he was born in Brantford, Ontario, Canada on 18 August 1893. His occupation is shown as Reporter and he had previously served in the 38th D.R.C., which I believe was the Dufferin Rifle Company, (a local Militia). The medical portion of the Declaration is not in the Archives and the paper that I researched has no date so I am unsure of the exact date he joined. The unit he was assigned to as a Lieutenant was the 125th O.S.Bn. C.E.F..

Further research shows that he did not survive the war and was killed in action while with the 54th Bn., Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) on 27 September 1918. He is remembered with honour in the Bourlon Wood Cemetery.

That is all I have researched at this time, I'll have to do more work to find out what battle he died in, probably the cemetery location will give me a starting point as to the battle location. I'll also return to the museum to see what they have in their archives and add to this post anything new that I discover.

Thanks for looking at my post.

Cheers :cheers:


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i LOVE the MC (of course the fact the A) one was won in my family and B) i own one has NOTHING to do with it!! :rolleyes: )

but i do thing the design of it is so elegant!! :beer:

I agree with Paddywhack. The MC is one marvelous looking decoration. One of the very best along with the LOH (French) and the Order of St. George (Russian) amongst many others.

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