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Hi all, theese just arrived in the mail, I have no doubt they are genuine, they look, smell and feels like old 1920s bars

But still at least one of them make me :banger:

What has this saxon soldier been awrded with and how has he mounted his awards ......

If I put the bar normally on the table then the EK is last :shame: OK, a naughty Saxon

But then the Green-White-Green-White-Green-white comes first , and what is that ! Saxon Altenburg ? Saxon DA ???

Hmmm Then a FA medal and What ??? + the EK at last place .

Or if I put the bar with preuss prec it goes EK - ??? High Saxon order - FA - ??

Please help me out of my misery :D What is it ?


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My other new bar isn?t that mysterios just happy to have another NC bar :love:

If I read this right this is

Ludwig Cross - Preuss AE - Preuss Red Cross III - Bavaria Red Cross - Bulgaria Mil Order Bravery IV witout swords

not very exiting but still nice .


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On the Saxon ribbon bar-- each wide ribbon is partially hidden under the one to its left. The 2nd ribbon is the Saxon Ehrenkreuz=

EK2, Ehrenkreuz, FAM, Saxon Long Service. Yes indeed, naughty saxon has pout his Prussian award first. :speechless:

I am not sure about the second ribbon on the Bavarian bar, because of the messy Bavarian folding. But the last ribbon is not Bulgarian-- there was a Bavarian Red Cross (not Bavarian Kingdom) award for home service during the war that used this ribbon.

Here is one (5th ribbon) from :cheers: David S's collection that has the same ribbon but with black outer stripes for "outside Bavaria" wartime medical service:

THIS naughty old medical NCO is wearing his Kyffh?userbund Medal ribbon last. :banger:

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