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Obscure Kriegsmarine Officer Corps Insignia

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Pay Corps. Formerly known as Marine Zahlmeisters, in 1935 they were granted "normal" naval officer rank designations with suffix "(V)" for Verwaltung-- administration.

Here are a pair of dress frock coat boards for a Korvettenkapit?n (V):

It would take my later-Konteradmiral (V) B?ning 27 years to reach this rank--though only 8 years to the day for his last three promotions.

1936: 25 in this rank and corps with 8 more (E) retread supplemental officers also in this rank

1937: 33 in this rank and corps (B?ning among them) with 12 (E) officers

1944: 89 in this rank and corps-- the last 3 having soared this high in a mere 12 years of service!

Given that full dress frock coats were not required after the war started (though I suppose those who wanted them could have had them tailored), there would be in the neighborhood of perhaps 50 officers who passed through this rank in the pay/administrative corps 1935-39

making :sleep: boards like these far rarer than full Generals Schulterst?cke. :rolleyes:

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That is a great set of TSD Admin boards for the KM!! Great score Ricky!

Speaking of obscure KM insignia! Now how many of these do you think were in the KM? I am sure that there was not much call for Veterinarians in the Kriegsmarine!

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Must be a

seeeeeeea serpent. :speechless1::cheeky:

Great example, and anybody with any others, keep 'em coming.

Not a one listed as regulars. What few there were must have all been reservists.

The army staffed pharmacists almost entirely from reservists, so that sort of micro-specialty must have applied to the navy's odd career requirements too.

Unfortunately no reserve rank lists for the navy after 1918!

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I posted these a long time ago, The following info was compiled by Rick

Korvettenkapitan (W). They boards belong to a Korvettenkapitan in the "Artilleriewessen" as there were also Officers in the "Sperrwessen" with a floating mine device.

Here is some info on the numbers of Artilleriewessen Korvettenkapitans in the KM during the TR.

N/A = Not applicable


a = Regular Force

B = Erganzungs/ retired officers called back in the mid '30's

Artilleriewesen Korvettenkapitans

1931 = N/A they were "Beamten" at that time

1936 = 13/0

1937 = 24/1

1944 = 20/N/A

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