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for only $75,000 USD this can be yours!

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Well at least the seller got the name right. Maybe it's autographed on the back of the microscopic blurry photo. :rolleyes:

Lapke was a retired, recalled, re-retired mid-war Feuerwerkskapit?n-- that is, on his final post-war discharge, brevet Korvettenkapit?n.

Of note to we Imperialoid "true Ccllectors" is his "combatant" EK and non-combatant Hindenburg-- secured during his 1914-16 (and then re-retired) service in an ammunition depot. Dirty, dangerous but conspicuously NON glamorous duty.

No hope in knowing which clasp is on the Colonial Medal-- hey, why bother with GOOD pictures or actual information, right?

Best estimate, I'd say, is this is a $2,000 group on a good day. More only to Russian mafia or truly truly demented German colonial collectors.

Nice to have an active fantasy life though. Always helps in dark times!

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Well, it has been my observation that German eBay sellers have an excess of grandfathers.

Normal human inhabitants of Planet Earth have, uh... TWO.

They however appear to have many additional "spares" in Germany. :Cat-Scratch::unsure:


Well, there was the semester when I had a student who had THREE grandmothers die in the same term, all interrupting exams and assignments. And all were legitimate. :speechless1:

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