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NIS veteran badges

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The more I real Paul Schmitt's recent book on WWII Soviet veteran badges, the more I like it (and the more I re-read it).

Inevitably, some new ones emerge (the "NIS" -- Not in Schmitt -- badges) and some additional illustrations seem useful. I add these here and hope others will do so as well.

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The first badge is for a veteran of the 13th Kiev Red Banner Order of Kutuzov 2nd Class Artillery Division. And, apparently, it was also awarded the Order of Suvorov 2nd Class.

The second badge is for a veteran of the 115th Red Banner Kholm Rifle Division. The red line represents the route the division travelled during the war. All the major city's and locations are written on the back of the badge. The division started near Moscow and ended the war at Hela (Khel).

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UGLY 13th Kiev Artillery Division. Looks like no other I've seen-- either very early or very late. ???

That's the problem unless a Magical Award Document remains with such private veterans badges!

115th "Red Banner, Cholm" Rifles Division badge is the nicest I've ever seen. Their entire wanderings 1939 are shown on the obverse map, and listed on back. The MAD shows this was issued to him on 9 May 1977. :jumping: :cheers:

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The red ball-point pen does seem to have made an impression on the paper and to have left some blobs behind. Clearly someone signed His name.

I've had quite a few Chuikov autographs, and that one appears to be like the others.

Pretty nice, if I might say so myself (totally forgot those documents were even in the group!) :rolleyes:


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