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US Carbines, Garand and Thompson and BRENs


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Hi ksg,

Thanks for posting more of your collection, especially the Brens. There are two different ones shown, correct?

I don't know why but I've always liked the Bren (and the Lewis Gun).

Cheers :cheers:


Thanks again Brian!

Correct, it?s two different. The first is a British made Mk. I, the other is a Canadian Mk II.

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Very nice guns!

I really enjoy them. The Thompson is a M1, right?


Sorry Douglas, I totally forgot to get back to you on this. Yes, its an M1. It got a reenforced but stock, a pin type safety selector and

selector switch. If I?m not mistaken, these were not from the production line but added later on. The M1A1 got these on the production line. Many also got the protective ears for the back sight, which is standard on the M1A!.


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