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Sonderverband 287 Feldgendarmerie

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Bought this Feldgendarmerie album from EBay thinking that some of the photos were taken in North Africa. When it arrived, despite being very pleased at getting an album with 300 photos at a very keen price, I was to find from original wartime papers on the guys military service which were included, that he didn't serve in North Africa, but the Balkans and Souther Russia.

Any minor disappointment was soon dispelled however. His documents showed a stamp with the Feldpost number 25619 and was dated December 1942. A quick check showed this FP Number as -

(31.7.1942-9.2.1943) Feldgendarmerie-Trupp Sonderverband 287,

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The Sonderverband , also referred to as the "Deutsch-Arabische Legion" and "Deutsche-Arabische Lehrabteilung", was formed in August 42 with the with a mix of Arabs and some German cadre from the "Brandenburgers". Unlike the "sister" unit Sonderverband 288 which went to North Afrika, 287 was sent to the southern sector of the Eastern front at the request of the Grand Mufti (something to do apparently with increasing Muslim presence in the sector).

The intent was to use these units on "special ops" commando type missions, but in reality they were more or less used as conventional grenadiers.

The few published sources which list the Order of Battle of the Sonderverb?nde don't even mention a Feldgendarmerie Trupp.

Feldgendarmerietrupp Sonderverband 287 was a "type a" Trupp which meant just two officers and 32 NCO/enlisted. ("Type b" was larger and had 3 officers and 61 NCO/enlisted).

Any photographic material to Sonderverband 287/288 is rare, but photos from this Feldgendarmerietrupp, given its tiny size and the fact that most sources don't even mention it exists, are incredibly rare.

Here is the patch they wore, and a pic of some men from the unit.

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I know this is an old topic but my fingers are crossed. I'm looking for a high resolution version of the shot of Sonderverband 288 with the flag. It's for publication in a US World WAr II history magazine.


Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.57.39 PM.png

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