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Some early pictures, RCW-era


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I have just received a large bundle of mixed early Soviet photos. They give a marvelous sense of the period. Right now, they a pretty mixed (read: jumbled), but as interesting ones float to the surface I'll post them here.

Most are "Red", but a few are "White". I'll focus on the "Red" ones (not only is that the focus of this forum but it is my interest). I will throw in a couple of the "White" photos as examples (at some stage, I'll probably want to move the "White" photos to hands that appreciate them more).

Most have legends on the reverse and I shall be begging (once again) for translations.

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These are far earlier than anything I know about, and the handwriting is worse than usual.

The trio of privates in the second photo are from a Motor Transport unit "1."

It's something about "in memory of Ivan I..... D....." dated 1925 23rd Novemnber, city of Moscow.

The family group fellow with very 1850s sideburns (!) has a screwback Order of the Red banner "2!" :Cat-Scratch::speechless1: The device on his collar is M1922 infantry, but I dopn't now what Roman numeralss "VI" indicate.

The Kombat on the other side of that group is wearing collar patches for (? staff of) 26th Rifles Division.

All I get out of the second inscription is that it was dated 31/VIII 1919 in Moscow.

One eye and (again) gathering darkness aren't a good combination for faeds and scribblies! :(

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Ed, I really love your pictures. I've been working quite a bit at restoring my own photo collection. I couldn't resist the temptation to play with one of yours and work on my own meager skills.

Here's what I think the photo of your three friends in post 3 might have looked like back in the day. I hope you aren't offended. Should you be, I apologize in advance and promise not to do it again.


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That's great work, Chuck! :jumping: So many of that vintage are deteriorating so rapidly that the images will be GONE soon. The Commissariat babe in Ed's other thread, for instance, is cracking the surface emulsion off in flakes. I doubt she'll "outlive" us.

Bad paper, bad chemicals, decades of bad storage...

at the very least, persons with computer skills :cheers: can restore and SAVE an image without altering the original. :cheers:

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