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Hello everyone:

Beware: Ebay member "Ruestkammer88" with a "0" feedback rating and who has been a member since 08/17/08 is listing items that are not owned by him/her.

This appears to be the same individual who was selling photos only from auction catalogues awhile back.

I will not post a link as this has sometimes caused problems in the past. Please go to Ebay.de directly and look up the following examples:

1) 260278106443: This is a photo of the cover of the current Landshuter R?stkammer catalogue. This individual (Ruestkammer88) is most certainly not a representative of the auctionhouse!

2) 260278115748: This is a photo of a group that I believe was sold in another auction or by private sale recently (I believe that Heiko may have had a group like this?).

Look at the other items listed by this "seller" for more amusing examples!

Best regards,


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You are right.... it is reported to ebay but this will not help much. In this special case I think we have to ask the police for help because it is a 100% criminal action...

The medal bar you are talking about has been sold by ME to a well known collecting friend from germany who STILL OWNS THIS BAR !!! The seller ruestkammer88 now uses MY photo which I can show again here to sell a bar that he does not own - what can be more criminal?????????? :violent::angry: :mad:

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Hi Rick.

"But eCrap will NOT allow icky yucky swastikas to be shown... so that's OK."

:o he does not show swastikas!

"Criminal fraud? Eh, so what?"

:mad: that is legal?

That is the text to the Ordensspange in Post 2:

6er ordensspange eines offiziers.

garantiertes orginalst?ck.

versand gratis

5 bidders, actual bid 156 Euro, now 22 hours left.

He receives the money and cannot dispatch the article, because he does not have the article.

That is legal and not criminal?

He just present some more upscale articles from the DDR and some more Ordensspangen.

His offer encloses now 20 articles.



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"Criminal fraud? Eh, so what?"

:mad: that is legal?

Uwe, I'm pretty sure Rick used here some sarcasm towards eBay's attitude - as they bann all Nazi stuff but don't care enough about things like this...


It might get funny if a collector from Russia buys his 3kg decortions with 15k Euro value. Those Russians may get angry with such things, I've heard...


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