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Did some rearranging, and put some new things up. Got the 1/32 Fw-190 A8 Sturmbock from Walmart on sale for $15, was $30, had been waiting for it to drop. Goes perfectly in my opinion with the young Day Fighter's portrait on the right and the Fw-190 postcard on the left. Also go the cuff title, letter, and photo into a nice frame and up on my 'Wall of Fame'. Enjoy! All the best, Jonathan

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Good morning,Jonathan! Thank you for your mail.

By the way,This photos are very impressive & liked!! Great Tab!! Do you like Luftwaffe's Tab?

I have one of Luftwaffe's Eagle "Downtail of Officer". I like Luftwaffe's badges & medals.I have ,Frontflugspange,Flugzeugfuhrerabzeichen of GWL,Boadschutzen,Spanienkreuz of Gold900 & Silber900,Ek and DK,etc.I like Luftwaffe very much.Off course,Bf109e and Toucrock and Visor!! I have some Luftwaffe's Touckrock & Greatcoat,Visor, caps!!

I want to watch your other collections!!

Best regards

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