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ROMANIA pilot wings


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Hello friends

Here a picture of a pilot wing of socialist Romania.

1. In which types does this pilot wing exist?

2. Is this the small size (4cm) or is it 4cm the normal size?

Please post other pics. of socialist Romanian pilot wings.

Thank you!


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I do not think it is a pilot's badge. The gear beneath might indicate techincal ground team. However, more details could probably be found in the book Insignele Aviatiei Militare Romane (Romanian Airforce Badges) by Marcel Iliese. I think Kevin has a copy.

As for images of other badges, see A Cloned Wing, But From WHERE? or Communist Romanian Air Force, Grade Insignia.

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Hallo Carol I and KDVR, :beer:

I have just taken a look through "Insignele Aviatiei Militare Romane" (Romanian Air force Badges) by Marcel Iliese.

but, I do not see this badge featured in the 89 pages, or any Romanian badge with this shape of wing.

This could mean:-

a: its an unknown item,

b: a civil air force item,

or c: pure fantasy.

If KDVR does not mind I would like to copy the picture and send it by email to Mr. Marcel Iliese for his opinion.

Can you give me the exact measurements of the item?

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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As far as I know Aviatia Sportiva was linked to the glider and light airplane aeroclubs around the country. Could the badge be the pilot wings for a sport pilot (not military or commercial aviation)?

Hallo Carol I :beer:

Very possible, but I will post more info as it becomes available.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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