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Fleet Donation Medal in Silver Big Size


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Dear Friends ,

Below I am posting the picutres of the Donanma-i Iane (Fleet Donation Medal) which

I bought today... This one is the Rare one (After the Gold ones...) 28 mm Silver. (Large Size)

It has got 5 types...

25mm Copper

25mm Nikel

28mm Silver

28mm Gold

and 36mm golg.


Avsar Ibar

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Avsar, what does this medal represent/ what was it awarded for/ what does "Fleet Donation" mean? regards

Dear Sir ,

The Turkish name of this medal is Donanma-i Iane Medal, when you translate it to English,

It becomes Fleet Donation Medal.

Because this medal was awarded in 1912 for the ones whom help to improve and renovate

the Ottoman Imperial Naval Forces. In that period the helps were made by giving the Government

Ottoman Golds , for example , the ones whom gave the government 10 to 25 Ottoman Golds , they got the Nickel Medal, 25 to 100 golds , get the Silver Fleet Donation Medal , whom helped 100 to 500 golds , they got the Gold Medal.

The ones whom awarded to the men , has a ribbon with green and white , the ones for women was the same collor but in a flower type ribbon.

When the owner of the medal died , it was automaticaly passes to the elder son or , if there is no son ,

it was passed to the elder doughter.

Also it was written that , the ones whom helped the government by giving land , buildings or any kind of valuable things, can deserve the medal.

Hope it helps ,,


Avsar Ibar

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