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Hello all,

I bought two medal bars from one seller and when the second bar arrived, I wasn't happy what I saw.

First two place bar looked fine (actually I didn't had much time to check it well), but now, when I compare them, I am sure they are made up fakes. I tried to do lots of pictures and maybe you can confirm my tougts and point out as well whats wrong with them.

Also question remains, is the awards fine. I am not expert but I think they are good.

I am sure the seller didn't known as well what he was selling and he is interested to solve this situation as well. Like I heard, he bought the bars from Germany Ebay seller.

Rick confirmed already that the three place one is BAD (thank you again, but can you point it out here as well please).

I. Two place medal bar with KVK2mS/Croatia medal

II. Three place medal bar withKVK2mS/West wall/Croatia medal



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- plate looks brand new and the pin system - there has to be some corrosion afer 63 years or at least not so bright!


Also what point out that they are from same place is that the pin system is exact same. Even the pin bending markes...

Three place bar:


Two place bar


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While in no way competent to evaluate these bars, I can tell you that Croat awards (including Zvinomir and Trifoil medals) have been extensively faked; compare the two illustrated here with examples shown in Angola's books. The evidence & points you have discussed as to the apparent workmanship, ribbon age, and overall condition speak for themselves.
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I saw the top one and assumed by its nature it to be a fake.

Con men classically add a "teaser" element to a bar-typically a foreign medal (or two).

Such awards were rare and unusual and frankly, I'm at the point where I assume anything unusual is a fake first and then work backwards to prove its innocence (so to speak).

Sorry you got burned.

I doubt the KvKxs are fake though.

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