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Going Green


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I just got in this European hunting sword(ca. 1750) that has a green ivory handle. During the American Revolution this type of sword was used by American officers in battle and dress. George Washington also carried a sword with a green handle which resides at the Smithsonian. Many of the swords that American officers carried had green on the handle such as green & white stripes, green & black stripes, green & brown stripes ect...

I checked around and found that the color green was associated with independence during this time. In Ireland around 1776 the color green was banned for a while and couldn't be worn because of its link to independence.

However, American loyalist wore green uniforms. :D



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Hallo Bear, :beer:

nice sword, with regards the colour green, around the time of 1796 - 1798 in Ireland,

the sentiment by the British authority's of that period would have been that the colour green

represented Revolution more than Independence.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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Thanks Kevin

I found a picture of George Washington's sword.

History Wired


George Washington's Sword


For "self-defense or in the defense of [the] country and its rights"

General George Washington wore this battle sword and scabbard while commanding the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. The weapon has a slightly curved, grooved steel blade; silver strips decorate its green ivory grip. When Washington passed the sword onto his army captain nephew, Samuel Washington, he charged him to use it only in "self-defense or in the defense of [the] country and its rights."


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