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One Saschen rebel and one Uboot fahrer !

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Two more photos came in to my collection yesterday.

First one is a Saschen who don?t care much about the EK first rule .... :rolleyes:

I think it is a S:t Heinrich Medal first and a Friedrich Albert next before the EK in third place

Any guess what regiment ? Pic taken in L?bau


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As an equal Kingdom, Saxony placed its awards ahead of Prussia's until the Third Reich made the Iron Cross (and by default, the other Prussian "Iron Cross" ribboned Orders with swords) first in 1935.

Interesting that the Chief Petty Officer had the 1918 Uboat badge but ONLY a Hindenburg Cross X-- and that he held that rank with NO long service awards from either the 2nd or 3rd Reichs! :Cat-Scratch:

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