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I am working on figuring out as much as I can about my paternal grandfather. I have tracked him thru the Prussian Ranglisten, and about four years ago several people, especially the redoubtable Glenn J, helped my put together more of his military career.

Recently I heard that the Berliner Address=Buecher were on-line, and, using them, I made more progress, on the civilian/address line.

In 1905 (when he was a Feuerwerk=Oberleutnant der Landwehr) he became director of the Berlin stockyard, the Magerviehhof (literally, "lean cattle stockyard" ??) on the Marzahner Chauffee in the Berlin-Friedrichsfelde section. (Were there other stockyards in Berlin? This jibes with my oral history.) I can not find another address for him in the directory, so I am assuming that he had an apartment at the stockyard.

On 18 August 1906 he was promoted to Feuerwerk=Hauptmann. The Address=Buecher continue his listing at the Magerviehhof thru 1914. When the war started he was made the Id of the Generalkommando of III. Reservekorps and went off to Belgium and then Russia. For 1915 and 1916 there was no obvious listing for him, but in 1917 and 1918 a listing popped up for Hauptmann Heinrich Fuchs, Berlin W 30, Motz=Strasse 73. (In 1915 he contracted malaria on the Russian front, and for the rest of the war he was not fit for the front, and did staff work in the East, and bought a house in Berlin.) The listing disappeared in 1919 and 1920, but from 1921 on there appeared a listing for Major a. D. Heinrich Fuchs at the Motzstrasse address. In 1930 he moved to Schoeneberg and after 1932 he disappeared from the Addressbuch. I think he died somewhere between 1932 and more likely ca. 1935; he may have moved in with family.

Anyone have any ideas on other references that I might track the civil side of his life, etc.? The last person who knew him died earlier this year.

I also understand that the Poles sent a lot of German parish records from places where the Germans were expelled after 1945 to a Evangelical archive in Berlin. Anyone ever attempt to access these records?

Any ideas/leads gratefully received.

Bob Lembke

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Heinrich Fuchs was my grand-grandfather. My grandmother was Katharina Roeders, born as Katharina Fuchs in Säpzig.  She was born on November, 23 1896. They lived on their country residence/farm called Lehngut Säpzig. The residence is approx 80 km east of Berlin (today Poland). Heinrich had children with different wives. I suspect that your family was with Heinrich‘s first wife.  

Please, write me and we can exchange our infos.  Looking forward to it. 

Best regards, 

Ingo Roeders from Berlin / Germany 

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ooh no. This is so sad.  I wish I had found his request here earlier.  Do you know whether Bob had any children and how to contact them, Grey?  I really would like to get in contact with them.  We are planning a family meeting in Berlin this upcoming summer. It'd be so awesome if we were really  related and they could join.  Do you know where Bob lived in the states?   I could then do some research on his family.  Many thanks Grey. Your help is greatly appreciated.    Ingo

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