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Need information on West Germany badges

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Hello guys, I am new to this forum, and also fairly new to insignia other than US. I recently purchased a fair size collection of what I think are West Germany badges. There were a few "de-nazi-fied (?) pieces, but the majority are like these and are made of cheap metal. There are also some pocket hangers, patches, ranks, etc. However, I have a few questions:

Are there are any reference books to badges like these pictured?

Is there any point in collecting the same badge, but made by two different manufacturers?

Do badsges like these have any value as of now?

About what time period would these have come from? 60s-70s?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as I literally know nothing of these. Thanks!!

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These are Bundeswehr cap badges for the beret. From left to right, as viewed by you, they are

1-Panzergrenadiertruppe- (armoured infantry)enlisted man; 2-Panzeraufklarungstruppe (reconnaisance), or Feldnachrichtentruppe (infantry communications)-officer;

3-Airborne-enlisted man; 4-Feldjagertruppe (Military Police)

This is the later type of cap badge issued with the flag added at the bottom.

These are common and are not expensive. Early cap badges, without the flag, bring considerably more.



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The hand embriodered beret badge can be worn by both Officers and NCO's...however the order "ZDf 37/10" does not differentiate between "Unteroffiziere ohne (without) portepee" and "Unteroffiziere mit (with) portepee", so I assume that by NCO, it is above and including the rank of "Unteroffiziere". There is also a "machine embroidered" beret badge available for purchase by all, manufactured by makers like "Raer" ....more robust than the hand stiched variety, by all acounts ! Here are their wares....

Prost ! Steve.

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