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Monthly Army List

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I got today a few books, amongst these was the "Montly Army List - August 1916". I know it might sound rather strange, but who used the book (as it says - For Official use only") and as there are no medals entered to the names is it comparable to german imperial "Stellenbesetzungen"?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance Christian

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Copies of the Army List would be found in practically every Military institution within the British Isles(and Military attaches abroad), as they were a reference to all serving(or retired) officers. An officers career can be tracked through the Army List from the day he is commissioned until his removal.

The Army List itself also came as Quarterly or Half Yearly editions, which are huge and would often consist of either three or six monthly AL's.

Your copy of the Army List is regarded as the most common type and often referred to as Part I. The rarer half of the AL is often referred to as Part II are the Officers biographies. They're regarded as an excellent source of research material for those interested in the British Army and it's officers.

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