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This is the first time I have seen NVA medical related badges. Thank you for sharing them! The army used the Green waffenfarbe for Rear Services, right?


Yes they did but that has nothing to do with the colour of this Academy badge. At least as far as I know.



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Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universit?t Greifswald

At the end of the Second World War this Historical university was closed then re-opened on 15th February 1946.

On the instructions of the Soviet military administration the economic department remained closed.

During the GDR period there were several organizational re-shapes, closings and re-orientations.

The medical faculty was reshuffled to a military-medical academy, the law faculty abolished. Only the philosophical, theological, medical and mathematical-scientific faculties remained. An agricultural faculty had been created 1946 with the former, in 1835 created agricultural academy Greifswald Eldena, in 1950 however this was moved to the University of Rostock only later to be re-instated at the Greifswald university. From 1946 to 1955 an educational faculty existed. The worker and farmer faculty (Arbeiter- und Bauern-Fakult?t) " Martin Andersen Nex?" likewise established after end of war were closed 1962.

These cuts in Greifswalder university structure were cancelled in most cases after 1990. The autonomy of the university, their academic autonomy and the liberty of science and art, of teachings and study were restored. Already in December 1989 the section theology was revalued again to a theological faculty


(1965-75) Enameled, Screwback, wording "Milit?rmedizinische sektion".

(1975-85) Enameled, Screwback.

(1985-86) lacquered, Screwback.

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It shouldn't be that difficult. They seem to turn up on ebay. Especially if you email one of the better known dealers that post things on ebay.com.



Thanks Gordon!! I think that I should definitely get one while the "getting is good".

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