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The day before yesterday, these two items were waiting in my mailbox when I came home. The ribbon bar with the Brunswick device is the first one in my collection. I think nothing is wrong with this bar in general. However, I would like to comment on the sort of misshaped corners left and right. On those spots and underneath the ribbons, it feels fragile. When gently looking to the side, one can see a white-like powder. I have no clear explanation, but it kind of looks like a chemical reaction to the backing plate. It is no rust, but should be something else. It's important to say that those corners of the metal plate are no longer there and could be pulvarised?? :unsure:

The second item is a larger Brunswick device, and I guess these were used on medal bars. I have never seen one of these, therefore added some scans and photos. I hope shape, prongs and dimensions are correct. It measures 30x23mm or 1.18x0.90 inches.

Both items came on a piece of carton as well. They came that way, so I might as well leave it like that...

Thanks for any input,


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i took a look at a device that was readily available and noticed that the prongs on my example are much thinner. prongs/splinten are actually stuck all the way through a green-painted d.r.g.m. marked backing plate.

i can post an image later (not enough light right now) if necessary.

weren't some of the early original issue devices supposed to be made of silver?

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