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Group of 5 to a CHM/N-SUB/SUB. in the Sikh R.

Brian Wolfe

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Hello Everyone,

Here's a group of 5 that I just finished court mounting. The group came complete with the shoulder titles and the stars, it also shows a nice progression through the ranks which is one of the things I liked about this group.

The medals were awarded to,


The medals are as follows,

General Service Medal, NEFA 1962 clasp JC-71290 SUB SURJIT SINGH, SHKH R.

Pachimi Star JC-71290 N-SUB SURJIT SINGH, SIKH R.

Raksha Medal 3342533 N-SUB SARJIT SINGH, SIKH R.

Sangram Medal Unnamed

9 Year Long Service Medal 3342533 CHM SARJIT SINGH, SIKH R.

There seems to have been a problem with the spelling of Surjit or Sarjit when the medals were originally named. I have made out my display card as Surjit as that was the spelling on the General Service Medal and the Pachimi Star, given that the star was awarded for service in combat. I may be wrong on the proper spelling so if anyone has a comment it would be appreciated.

I hope you like my newest court mount.



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