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Panzer RK holder research help please

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  • 2 weeks later...

Oberst Wolfgang von Stiglitz [sic]

Born - 1898 in Upper Silesia

Enlists in the Prussian Officer Cadet School 1914, age 16

Gazzetted into the 10th Brandenburg Lancer Regiment with the rank of Leutnant 1916, age 18

Service on the Western Front with the 10th, awarded Iron Cross 2nd Class 1917, age 19

Transferred to the newly formed 1st Panzer Regiment with the rank of Oberleutnant 1917

Service on the Western Front with the 5th Panzer Regiment, awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class 1917

Promoted to the rank of Hauptmann and awarded the WW1 Panzer Badge 1918

Awarded the Black Wound Badge 1918

War Ends 11th November 1918, age 20

Service with the Freikorp in Silesia 1920, and awarded the Silesian Eagle Order 2nd Class in Silver

Transferred to the 1st Panzer Regiment as Adjutant 1922, age 24

Promoted to the rank of Major and Company Commander 1925, age 27

Transferred to the Panzer School 1930, age 32

Promoted to the rank of Oberstleutnant 1932, age 34

Transferred to the 1st Panzer Regiment as 2nd in Command in 1932, age 34

Awarded the Front Fighters Cross, Bulgarian WW1 Service Medal for WW1 in 1934, age 36

Awarded the Army 4 years & 18 years Service Awards in 1935, age 37

Promoted to the rank of Oberst 1938, and Commanding Officer of the 4th Panzer Regiment age 40

4th Panzer Regiment involved in the Austrian Annexation 1938

Awarded the Austria Annexation Medal 1938

Commencement of WW2 1939, age 41

Service with the 4th Panzer Regiment, France 1939

Awarded the Spange to the Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939

Awarded the Spange to the Iron Cross 1st Class 1940, age 42

Awarded the Panzer Assault Badge in Silver 1940

4th Panzer Regiment transferred to the Russian Front 1941

Awarded the Russian Front Medal 1941-1942

Awarded the KRIM Shield for service with von Manstein's Army Group South

Awarded the German Cross in Gold for Gallant Action near Kharkov 1942, age 44

4th Panzer Regiment at Stalingrad 1942

Awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross at Stalingrad 1942

4th Panzer Regiment surrenders with the 6th Army at Stalingrad 1943

Oberst Wolfgang von Stiglitz is sent into captivity 1943, age 45

1950 relesed from captivity, age 52, returns home to Upper Silesia, now called Poland and under Communist Rule.

1952 flees Poland for West Germany

1955 enlists in the Bundesheer as Oberst in command of the Bundesheer Panzer School, age 57

Awarded the German Order of Merit for service to the Bundesheer 1964

1964 retires from active service age 66

1968 enters Parliment as the Federal Member for Waldeck, age 70

1972 retires from Federal Politics, age 74

1973 Elected President of the German Panzer Veterans Association

1980 appointed Life Member of the GPVA, age 82

1988 passes away peacefully at home age 90

Buried with full Military Honours, Waldeck.

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Hi Vince

sorry to hear that

went to my books this weekend only Stigler Ifound was a Josef-RK 10/07/42



Hi Perce,

Sorry again! Can ask you for some help? I am looking for a Herr Panzer Oberst with WW1 service time who won the RK in WW2 to make up his medal bar for my waffenrock. Can you please help me find one?

My e-mail is: vindog86@live.com

Many thanks,


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